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Olympic Torch Arrives in Whistler!

What an amazing sight as the Olympic Torch arrives in Whistler in advance of this week’s opening ceremonies.

The Olympic Torch Arrives In Whistler

A crowd of 10,000 greeted the torch!

5 Responses to “Olympic Torch Arrives in Whistler!”

  1. That was really an emotional moment for many of the long term locals to Whistler. I took several photos of the event. I would like to share the experience of being in Whistler for the Olympics with the world. The Virtual Whistler Olympic Blog was created to provide visitors, the ability to explore whistler virtually and see where everything is happening. Virtually Ski the Men’s Downhill Course or any of the other slopes. Even walk through the village remotely. Take the time to post your experiences and we will try to place your comments into the virtual environment for others to experience. Guest Posting and Linking to other relevant blogs welcome.

  2. Thanks for this site. I am a sports lover and eat this stuff for breakfast.

  3. That was a very interesting post. I feel like I learned some new things from you. I’m bookmarking your page for future reference.

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