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Vancouver Nails It!

Some of the fabulous airport volunteers!

My flight arrived in Vancouver, BC Canada YVR at 8:28 p.m. I was trying to get on a bus at 9 p.m. to get to Whistler by midnight.

I figured Customs could be a delay. But this was Vancouver. A delay at Customs? No way! They had twenty stations all manned. I chatted up the customs agent and went to pick up my luggage.

Everywhere you looked where was someone in a green or blue shirt with the words VANCOUVER 2010. Help with the luggage, directions to the bus, whatever you needed, there was a live person there ready to help.

The luggage was slow. Way slow. There was a problem with getting it off the plane. But just as I was going to check to make sure I was at the right carousel, they announced that there was a problem getting the luggage from our plane–just letting us know. The luggage was coming, but not yet.

With a little time to burn I started talking to the volunteers. They were willing to answer any questions. One volunteer even whipped out her BlackBerry and Googled why Canadian are called Canucks. Canuck is the mascot for the Vancouver hockey team. The origin of the word is up for discussion–like a lot of things on Google.

I noticed when the Customs Officers had no one in their lines they would stand and talk amongst themselves. When a new plane landed, they all went to work.

In Vancouver, they’re willing to stand around a little to make sure their guests don’t.

They could have let us wait, or figure it out on our own, but they had happy people everywhere, ready to help.

“Enjoy your Olympic experience!”

That’s what they all said as their parting words: “We hope you enjoy your Olympic experience.”

Talk about customer service. What more can you say? They save me time, make things easy for me to do, and remind me to enjoy my experience.

Vancouver is my new favorite city!

4 Responses to “Vancouver Nails It!”

  1. I loved Vancouver too, when Doris and I were there – truly amazing city and the people were so very friendly. Glad you are having a great time, wish I were there!!! Love ya, V

  2. Don, based on your experience…”I AM ALL IN”.(I truly trust your discriminating tastes). Therefore, Vancouver is on my list of Next to visit. Loved all you shared. PLUS, I am putting the Olympics on NEXT as well. Since it is a whole and complete experience, NOT just the games… It Feels a little like a Superbowl PLUS–an experience NOT just the game. SOOO I got NEXT!!! Thanks! Vancouver is So close yet never visited…SOLD!!! IDF…

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