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Racing Update

Last Saturday’s practice was great!

We dialed in the bikes, double checked the gear, rode a few laps to make sure, and we’re traveling today.

As I was putting my bike and gear on the truck to send it to California, I remembered the words of one of my coaching clients who needed to release some pressure he carried around his golf game. “I’d rather not play than take a chance at losing,” he said. “Losing hurts more than winning feels good.”

As my old boxing coach used to say, “I’m not worried, but I am slightly more than concerned.” What if I crash…? What if everyone laps me…? What if I fall and can’t get up…? What if?

That’s all in our head. Voices of the past…maybe a younger version of ourselves that vowed never to be embarrassed again.

I’m choosing to follow the belief of one of my other coaching clients who races triathlons, mountain bikes, and cross country. “First, last, or somewhere in the middle, you still feel great after the race is over.” ~Paul Copello, National Class Triathlete

Yeah, I’m scared, but we’re traveling today.

And we all know that fear leaves when we take action.

Action Eliminates Fear.

I’m pulling the trigger.

I’m going to do the best I can to win.

I’ll post my thoughts, my strategy, and my results every day.

Please help when you can with your ideas and encouragement.

God bless.


One Response to “Racing Update”

  1. You will be in my thoughts and prayers….God bless and Good luck!

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