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Success and Thank Yous!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our second annual trip to the World Vet Motocross Championships.


I won my race. Not the Over Fifty Novice race — the race with myself. I raced better, faster, safer, and I finished strong… instead of surviving like last year.

For the record I finished in twentieth place out of twenty-two competitors on Saturday. On Sunday I finished in thirty-first place, out of forty-one entrants.

But I was in the hunt (near the back of the pack) and racing all the way till the end.

The Glen Helen track is really difficult and it’s a challenge just to ride it. Last year I was honestly concerned that I might not finish the race. This year I rode better and moved from survivor to competitor. Progress!

NOW it’s time to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who contributed.

Eric Sullwold

~ Eric is one of my biggest supporters.
He is a true professional who’s got the skills to deliver and the heart to persevere. If your company buys or specifies industrial chain for traction, lifting, rigging, conveyors or tire protection, Eric Sullwold at Pewag Chain is the guy to call

Chris Fry

Chris Racing at Glen Helen

~ Chris my moto bud.
Without Chris traveling with me, I wouldn’t be here. We ride practice together in Houston, but Chris races expert class. He’s got a lot of years on the motorcycle and a real commitment to becoming a better racer and athlete. Chris is a “go for it” guy who’s a lot of fun.

After practice on Thursday and Friday in California, Chris took me up to Big Bear Lake for sightseeing and hiking.

On Sunday he raced his bike like a champ. He got a bad start then passed guys till he was racing at the end with Dave Martin from Honda of Houston — a great race for Chris.

If you or someone you know is remodeling or building a home and you want a beautiful job and a builder who you will still be friends with after the job, call Chris Fry at Dovetail Builders.
Dovetail Builders Inc.

Dave Martin

~Dave is a rocking fast over fifty moto racer who just happens to be the man with the plan at Honda of Houston. Dave epitomizes the heart and hands of our sport. He is way into riding and runs a great business where they support the sport and the people in it. When you need an ATV, scooter, motorcycle, watercraft, or power equipment call the good people at Honda of Houston

Honda of Houston

Nick Moomaw

Me With Nick Moomaw

~Nick runs the racing program for Honda of Houston and is a full-on expert class racer. Nick is a competitor who goes after it and is a great guy to hang with. If it wasn’t for the folk from Honda of Houston we would not be able to make it to this race. They truck our bikes to the track, let us share their pits, provide fuel and tools, and everything we need to race our bikes. Even better, we get to be part of the coolest pit set up — with a custom tractor trailer. Even better we get to hear Nick tell us what lines he uses on the track…worth every penny and more.

Honda of Houston

Choose well, live well, be well…Don


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