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Crowder Dupes UAW Crowd

The blogs are blowing up about how Crowder got attacked. It’s a lie. 


Disclosure: I have never been in a union and I have had several less than positive experiences with union workers in my career. I am also a retired amateur boxer with seventy fights. 


There will be no prosecutions because in each case Crowder provoked the incident. He approached people and invaded their personal space, incited anger, and refused to move back.


And he did it over and over and over. If he wanted a discussion, he would have stopped when he realized that people were getting mad.


The first guys shouted, “back off.” When Crowder did, everything was fine.


Remember being in school? If one kid is in all the fights and he blames it on someone else, well, he was the one starting the fights.


Unless Crowder was drunk, he had a plan.  


He wasn’t afraid; he was calculating. He wanted the union guys to get mad. Look at the video. In every case, he is the bigger guy. He chose people who were smaller than he was.


Even more revealing, watch what he does when the union guys swing. People who are afraid lift their hands and move back. Crowder keeps his hands up, but he moves forward.


Fighters know that it’s safer to move in because punches aren’t moving as fast when you’re in close. Someone coached our “hero” on how to start a fight and not get hurt.


The only time Crowder ducks or really covers his head is when a guy pulls him from behind. When he is actually scared, he ducks. Every other time he kept his hands up and moved forward. That’s good boxing technique.


Now watch the protestors. When he was hit, the crowd did not attack. At no time do they act as a gang or mob to harm or threaten Mr. Crowder. They do not follow him. Each incident is one person venting their personal anger and only for a few seconds. Not even one other protestor jumped it.


Crowder got into altercations with several people throughout the day. Then he edited the video to look like it happened in a few minutes.


These people stood in the cold all day peacefully protesting an attack on their ability to collectively bargain, the only reason they get weekends off and medical benefits, and have retirement accounts at all.


Crowder is in fact a “crowder.”


Look carefully. No one chased him. No one kicked him. No one kept going after he backed off.


Not one person from AFP was attacked, or pushed, or otherwise touched. If they had been, they would have said so before now. (Prediction: There will be many who will now say they were intimidated. But there is no video to support it.)


At one point during a scuffle, Crowder held up his hands like we used to do in football. The first guy (Crowder) started it and then held his hands up so the referee would see the other guy retaliate.


This video is not evidence, it’s propaganda. It has been edited to hide the provocation – a post on reddit says they guy who punched him did do because he was in the face of his son. I hate violence but if Crowder were trying to intimidate my son, I’d step in.


Crowder set up these people up. He duped them into being stars in his career kick off video. He deliberately provoked innocent people and wants to capitalize on their frustration.


If that is not true, then Mr. Crowder and Fox should show the continuous video of minutes before and after each altercation.


Here’s the best part. Watch the end and you can see Crowder taking a bow. He’s not hurt, he’s not battered or bloody or bruised. He takes a bow, because he just traded a chipped tooth for his fifteen minutes of fame.


Take a look at the video to see what I’m talking about…


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